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Whether banking, insurance, logistics or automotive, data is the oil of the machine.
Testing plays a very important role in software development to ensure that this data flows
error-free, securely and quickly accessible
TR3Y GmbH offers adequate test solutions for its customers in the finance, insurance,
industry and logistics sectors.


Intelligent test automation framework

  • Improved quality of the system – in the short-, mid- and long-term

  • Decreased cost of testing and quality assurance – in the mid- and long-term

  • Enhanced efficiency of the software development process – early identification of issues

  • Continuous testing the system stability (incl. on production environment)

  • Guaranteed accuracy and repeatability of the tests implemented (vs. manual)

  • Plan and implement carefully Test Automation for achieving true benefits – through

High quality assurance and specific requirements

  • Better and effective quality assurance

  • Finding errors in the test phase and solving problems

  • Especially finding errors at the very initial phase

  • Correctly identify systems and calculate possible risks

  • Avoid errors in production as far as possible

  • Costs should be minimized

  • Every error in production is more expensive than an error in the development phase.

  • In both agile and waterfall models, good test experts are the key to success.

  • All experts are very familiar with the new standards and have ISTQB certification.

  • Good quality requires well trained experts with focus and vision for excellent solutions.

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